Also i wrote another extract-ish thing on that really old language assignment (which isnt THAT old i guess but yeah). I like the plot but i’m too lazy to actually sit and write it..


“Call me Lanni,” She told him. Tod scowled.

“Ms. Stebern, please leave the area before I start doing something you wouldn’t want to see.”

Languora laughed. Insane, Tod thought, and it was a little scary, if he was completely honest to himself. She looked like she was having a psychotic breakdown, and despite his many years of experience with psychopaths, he wasn’t all that fond of them.

“I just a killed a person and ripped his guts out!” Languora gasped out between laughs. She held out her hands, showing him the blood that stained her fingers. “I think I’ll handle whatever it is.”

Tod stared in horror at the red before slowly turning away and doing his best not to gag. He’d seen stuff, yeah, but that didn’t mean he wanted to. Best stay away from the blood and gore. This is why he hadn’t taken up medical. Too many insides coming out for his liking.

But if she wanted to watch, then fine, whatever. He wasn’t one to stop her and she’d been given the warning.
What kind of girl was she, anyway? Weren’t girls supposed to be nice and sweet, running away from disgusting stuff like blood and murder?

That’s a stereotype, he told himself. Not everyone is like that.

Slowly, he crouched down next to the body and put his hand on the corpse’s forehead, mumbling profanities under his breath. This was always the worst part of being a soul hunter.

A blood curdling scream, a few octaves higher than what humans would – should – be able to hear filled the air and Tod had to resist the urge to just let go of the soul and run away.

“Come on, come on,” he muttered, pulling at the icy blue mist that had started coming out of the body. “Just a little more…”

With one last pull that took up his entire strength, Tod managed to make the soul let go of the body, and fell back against the wall behind him, one hand caught around the mist that was slowly taking the shape of a human, and the other digging around in his pocket. Where the hell did he keep the necklace? Maybe he should  start wearing it around his neck like everyone else, but that’d be too mainstream and Tod hated mainstream.

“Jacob Andrews?” he asked, when he finally found the necklace, holding it up to get the recognition charm working.

“Who are you?” the man shouted, clearly alarmed. “Have you kidnapped me?!”

“Mr. Andrews, you are dead,” Tod said simply. He dug a pad out of his pocket and tore off a page, handing it to Jacob.

“Follow these instructions whenever you feel like it.”

Languora watched in awe as a bright light ensued and the icy blue soul they were facing disappeared.

“What happened to him?” she asked, mouth agape.

“He’s a ghost for now,” Tod replied, wiping his hands on his shirt. “Ghosts can’t really do anything except waft around and watch the world exist without them. They get sick of it, and eventually end up accepting they’re dead.”

“What was on that paper you gave him?”

“Directions to the gate to the Underworld. He’ll go there when he’s ready and will be sent to heaven or hell according to his lifestyle and all that crap.”

“Aren’t you the one who should be judging that?”

“No,” Tod said, looking at her. “All I have to do is send their souls to the gates. Then they’ll board whichever train.”

Languora frowned, twirling a strand of hair on her fingers. “What if they board the wrong train?”

“They won’t,” he explained. “They can’t see the train they’re not supposed to board.”


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