that one language assignment

(Kind of co-written but not exactly? I planned it out for a language assignment with a friend and then we had to write different pieces and this one is mine. Plot based on a tumblr text post.)


“You again?”

Tod sighed and threw his hands up in exasperation as the blonde girl he’d grown so accustomed to seeing – which was, in itself, something to marvel at – turned to smile at him.

“You came!”

The girl – Languora, as she had so happily offered he call her, despite his attempts to remain as distant as possible – set the shoe she was holding on the ground and stepped daintily into it. It was almost laughable to think about the fact that this young girl, so delicate and fragile, was the one responsible for the bloody, mangled body lying at her feet.

Tod sighed, stepping backwards as she advanced onto him, because he’d been trying to sleep, he really didn’t want to have to go around collecting souls, or dealing with human girls who’d somehow developed a creepy obsessive crush on him and turned into serial killers.

“What did you use this time?” He asked her, looking around for a weapon.

Languora smiled and twisted her foot around to show him the blood on her shoes. Tod’s jaw dropped.

“You stabbed him with your stilettos?”

The breezy laugh sent a chill down his spine. “It was pretty easy, you know. A little flirting always goes a long way.”

It was so surreal to think about; like one of the Grimm Fairytales. Languora Stebern: college student; falls in love with resident Angel of Death, and tries to summon him by killing people.

How did he end up in this mess? Maybe he should have taken up the job offer in Ohio. Hospitals sucked, the shifts were long, but at least there were no freak obsessive humans around to make his job worse. If anything, everyone at hospitals were always trying to make less work for him. And they couldn’t even see him.

Which was another question that he had given up trying to find the answer to; humans were not supposed to see him. He was just something in their peripheral vision, part of the background. Something unimportant. But then again, humans were also supposed to run away in fear when death approached them, not fall in love and try to bring him to them by becoming homicidal.

“What do you want?” Tod asked, having had enough of today’s soul hunt. He really shouldn’t have gone for criminal soul hunting. Maybe natural or accidental would have been a better choice. The Academy professors always told him he wouldn’t survive in criminal and they were clearly right.

(Although he didn’t think they could have predicted something like this.)

Languora took the hand resting at his side and pouted up at him. “I just want you to notice me, Tod.”

“That’d be a bit hard not to do,” he muttered, prying his arm out of her grip and motioning at the corpse on the ground. “Now be quiet, and let me get his soul out.”

It took a while, and he hoped maybe Languora would get bored and maybe leave, but she stood by throughout the whole thing, waiting patiently until he’d sent the man’s soul off to the Underworld and stood up.

“He was a bad person, wasn’t he? Much worse than the others, I would say.” Languora smiled and Tod scowled at her. He wouldn’t admit it, but with her killing sprees, she was actually doing society (and him, though he’d die before he admitted that, and angels of death don’t die) a favour, killing all the mass murderers in the city.

“You definitely know how to pick ‘em,” He said and she laughed.

“Well, I don’t want anyone to be able to see you but me,” she said. “So I’m eliminating the chances of anyone being able to do so.”

“You realize you want to start a relationship with an angel of death?”

“Well, yeah.” She tilted her head, thoughtfully. “But I mean, you take away lives, and I kind of do too, so I don’t see how our species has anything to do with this.”

“If I take you on a date, would you leave me alone?”

She shrugged, almost indifferent, but he saw the spark in her eyes. “We’ll see how it goes.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise I’ll leave you alone. Unless you don’t want me to.”

Tod clenched his fist. This was a huge blow to his ego, and he would kill himself if any of the other angels found out, but it was a sacrifice for the sake of his job and peace of mind, so he’d have to live with it.

“Saturday at seven?” He offered. “I’ll pick you up.”

Languora lips curved up in a bright smile that he was surprised to see; it looked so happy and so childish for someone like her, almost like a side of her she didn’t bring out that often.

“I’ll be seeing you then.”

As she left the dirty alleyway, he watched her retreating figure and wondered how he got himself into this mess.


I also drew Tod and Lanni‘s character designs, see?


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