So once, during physics I think, I asked my friend for a word, and she said ‘fish’, and this happened. I’m not sure how to complete this though, so if you guys have like, ideas or something, then gimmeeee. I mean, if you even want me to finish this, which I don’t think anyone would because it’s admittedly very, very stupid. But it’s like a year old, so you can’t blame me. I’ve changed.


I hate fish. I despise fish.

When I was young, I used to run around screaming at the very mention of the beastly things, flailing my arms and leaving my parents to explain to the curious onlookers that I had my ‘eccentricities’ and that the doctor said I would be alright.

It didn’t irk me as much at the time, as it did later, when I learnt that people were deathly scared of having their children interact with ‘that Laura girl’ who, according to her mother, was mentally unstable. It didn’t help my reputation in any way whatsoever.

Even my so-called ‘friends’ left me alone, after the social outcast label started stretching to them as well, for remaining in the fish-girl’s company for more than need be. Continue reading


that one language assignment

(Kind of co-written but not exactly? I planned it out for a language assignment with a friend and then we had to write different pieces and this one is mine. Plot based on a tumblr text post.)


“You again?”

Tod sighed and threw his hands up in exasperation as the blonde girl he’d grown so accustomed to seeing – which was, in itself, something to marvel at – turned to smile at him.

“You came!”

The girl – Languora, as she had so happily offered he call her, despite his attempts to remain as distant as possible – set the shoe she was holding on the ground and stepped daintily into it. It was almost laughable to think about the fact that this young girl, so delicate and fragile, was the one responsible for the bloody, mangled body lying at her feet. Continue reading